Messages from the Guides​
through Heather King

Hello, Dear Ones!

We are so glad that you are here with us today.

Our deepest pleasure and greatest joy lies in reminding you of Who You Are. We revel in your reawakening to your fan-damn-tastic self. 

We are a group of six from the non-physical, working in partnership with one of your own - one who walks in the Earth School. Call us guides, angels, teachers ...  it matters not.

Your soul thirsts to hear the reminders we share. Drink deeply, dear ones. Drink deeply and remember.

​We love you. Namaste. 
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Heather King and her surprising buddies, The Guides​
Hi, I'm Heather King. I had the surprizing good fortune to realize that my dear friends and I - long before I hit this earth at 7lbs 21 oz - made an agreement to help those of us living these human lives to remember.

Remember Who We Are. Remember how amazing and lovable we are No. Matter. What. Remember that we are glorious, cherished expressions of a God who loves us more that we can humanly comprehend.

The Guides are here to help us raise our vibration and connect to our true nature. Let their words flow over you, empower you, and remind you of your kick-ass amazingness.